Our Company

A2Z Advanced Hygiene Solutions represents Induquim in Greece and Cyprus. Induquim is one of the top Spanish manufacturing companies, which provides a complete, high quality and value for money product range for all professional cleaning categories. In addition, A2Z is a 3M’s  authorized national distributor of commercial cleaning tools for food service  and floor maintenance businesses. The price/ quality ratio combined with the deep knowledge, experience and customer – centric approach, leads our proposal to a clear advantage against competition.

Who we are

A2Z Advanced Hygiene Solutions, established in 2014, is a commercial company which provides cleaning and hygiene solutions to the professional market sectors of Lodging, Health Care and Food Service through selected Distributors and big Cleaning Contractors. Our objective is to respond to the current market trends, providing the best solutions, which increase productivity and lead to the most competitive cleaning and hygiene costs, when simultaneously:

  • increase the total profitability of our customers through their:
    • customers’ satisfaction
    • facilities and equipment protection
    • cleaning cost control
  • protect people and environment
Our Vision

To be recognized in the following years as a reliable company of customer-oriented structure and organization, with a considerable position in the Greek professional cleaning industry and a profitability level, which will be allowing us to provide complete solutions to the end-user, while concentrating, superior customer care to the distribution network, building strong relationships of mutual trust.

A2Z's approach to key accounts

A. Customer needs identification

Detailed record of areas, construction materials, machinery, water hardness and special application needs of the customer, as a result of our survey visit

B. Complete Cleaning & Hygiene Plan

The suggested plan is totally adapted to the specific customer needs and at the same time is simple (minimum product range selection) and easily applicable for the user due to its visual structure. It contains:

 Areas – spots – equipment per application area
 Cleaning Frequency
 Suggested products and cleaning tools
 Safety means

C. Technical Service

 Dishwashers problems diagnosis and repair advice provided by our technical experts after their survey visit
 Dosing units installation to the client’s facilities for the optimization of the use, results,and final cost of our products
 Preventative service visits in an agreed time frame
 Immediate extra service call response from our technical team within 24 hours
 Service report completion and managers’ feedback

D. Training

Personnel training for cleaning & hygiene topics

 In the start-up
 Whenever needed during the scheduled sales or technical visits (on the job training)

E. On-Time In-Full Deliveries

Accurate and quick deliveries in the agreed prices through our selected national distribution network

Why A2Z
  • You feel safe because:
    • A2Z’s people know very well the professional market, the competition and can draw special cleaning programs that totally cover customers’ needs and ensure the best applicable cleaning & hygiene solutions with the minimum number of products
    • A2Z’s partner Induquim is a top Spanish Industry, which provides a full high quality and cost-effective product range for all professional cleaning categories. Our proposal is ideally complemented by 3M’s high-performance and long-lasting cleaning tools.
    • The price/quality ratio is ideal, getting ahead of the competition
    • A2Z deals only with distribution network, selecting its partners under strict criteria, that are in compliance with its pricing policy and at the same time guarantee your profitability
  • A2Z develops solutions, which increase the productivity of your company and therefore boost-up your business’ profitability
  • A2Z can provide solutions that differentiate you from your competition (ultra concentrated products with low cost of use – ecological products – products for special applications)
  • A2Z offers you advanced support (training – after sales and technical service) due to its high caliber people
Our Partner INDUQUIM

Complete, high – level and cost effective product range

Product categories:

 Masslimp: Building care (Floor cleaning and maintenance – General cleaning – Bathroom cleaning – Deodorizing- Personal care)
 Masschef : Hygiene & Cleaning in professional kitchens (MWW – Manual dishwashing –Degreasers)
 Massplus: Concentrated products for building care and kitchen
 Massnature: Ecological products for building care and kitchen
 Masswash : Cleaning products for Industrial and On Premise Laundries
 Massfood: Cleaning products for the Food Industry
 Massauto: Cleaning products for the Vehicle Sector
 Masstech: Cleaning products for Industrial Facilities

Induquim is certified to the standard ISO 9001 and also owns the Ecolabel certification for Massnature product category.

Induquim’s quality/price ratio and customer-oriented approach lead to its clear advantage against competition.

Our Partner 3M

3M is the company that applies science to create products that improve our everyday lives often without even knowing it.

Well-known brands of 3M in Greece are:


Our company distributes Scotch-BriteTM products (sponges-wipes-floor pads) to the hospitality and institutional market.